Windows Mobile 7

2 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 7”

  1. I read a great article on Windows Mobile 7 while i was travelling in Saudi and I was wondering if you’ve checked out the “scribble” function that will also be included?

    It basically allows the user to use the phone as a scribble pad while it isnt in use. Ya know, some people do this while they are on a landline etc.

    Quite nifty. I”m not a Smart Phone guy, but according to the article, WM7 will really be the “next” thing.


  2. I haven’t heard of a scribble feature for WM7, but it’s possibly referring to ‘inking’ which was available in WM6 (and previous versions I think?).
    Windows Mobile has handwriting recognition which uses this functionality.

    The Windows Mobile 6 SDK also offers something called WISP Lite: Windows Ink Service Platform, which allows you to code your own ‘scribble’ functionality using the same technology as available in the Tablet PC.

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